When Wine Meets The Glass...
Sheedy Shores Winery
​A little information about us:
Owners: Mike and Gloria Sheedy, Manager: Eric Walker
What we are:  Many have asked, "So where are your grapes, your wine?". Right now, we are functioning as a wine bar, offering a wine tasting experience.  We have 40 acres of beautiful Illinois countryside and a 15 acre lake.  We will be planting this Spring so that we can offer our own Illinois wine in a few years.( In the meantime, there are several wineries in our area offering their own wonderful wines)
What we offer: A relaxing atmosphere to sample wines from all around the globe.  Gloria was raised in Europe, and her mother is French, so while we love our American wine, we also love our European wines.  You can buy most by the glass and by the bottle.
What to expect: We have a friendly staff anxious to serve you.  We dont claim to be wine connisseurs and dont want customers to feel intimidated.  Come in and sample some wines and let us know what YOU like.  For those of you who arent wine drinkers, we also carry domestic and craft beer (from local breweries).  Every Saturday and Sunday we also have live music.  
What to bring:  Bring your ID, we card anyone who looks under 30.  If you dont want to sit on patio, deck or beach feel free to bring a lawn chair or blanket and find your own "perfect" spot.  Please do not bring pets, although WE LOVE them, we have ALL our customers to consider.  Also, please adhere to designated smoking areas.
Do we take reservations?: No, sorry.  We just cant keep up with demand.  We suggest you arrive early to ensure your table/group has seating.
More questions: Feel free to call or email (preferred).

Come and relax 
for the day or
just the afternoon.
Enoy a glass of 
from California
or a cold
beer from 
a local brewery.
Our setting is unique
and  only
20 minutes outside
of Springfield, 
the perfect
getaway for every
Owners, Mike and Gloria Sheedy
are on site daily.
They love to share their plans and vision
for the future of
Sheedy Shores Winery.
Be sure to introduce yourself
and please take a minute to sign our 
guest book!!